◆Start development of ultra-small LiD

AR system which can be put on index finger
MultiPolTM realizes ultra-small scanner. We start development of extremely small LiDAR system which can be put on index finger. Very low cost is expected. Use in various areas such as automotive, robot, drone and security facilities.

◆Digital Coherent Lidar without any impact by backlight

Digital Coherent Lidar developed by SteraVision can easily scan objectives that 200m distance even in strong backlight in mid-summer. Now we are challenging scan objectives that 1000m distance.

◆Digital Coherent Lidar can scan beyond smoke

Digital Coherent LiDAR developed by SteraVision can easily scan objectives concealed by white smoke. We are challenging to improve our theme “Making the invisible visible”


    Demonstration video is here >>>>>> click

◆Technical feature of our LiDAR system

  • We successfully develop next generation LiDAR system that is combined new light beam steering device (MultiPolTM) using optical technology developed in AIST and original FMCW measuring system.
  • Our light beam steering device (MultiPolTM) system can scan not only raster scan but also warp scan which is able to see the necessary place.

As for measurement method, our device works based on FMCW system in addition to existing TOF system. We are developing FMCW measurement system that improves accuracy, speed, range and distance compared to existing LiDAR system.

◆Target Market for our LiDAR system

Our LiDAR system can adapt autonomous driving for automotive, train, agricultural machinery and construction machinery, and visual system for industrial machinery, FA robot and security sensor, in addition to communication system. It adapts widely any industries. 


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